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Why Choose Advanced Air Products?

Both the Advanced Air IDES and In-Duct BiPolar Ionization Systems are easily installed into any existing HVAC system and use proactive air purification technology to reduce airborne pollutants from indoor air.  Indoor air pollution can be broken down into 3 components: Particulates (Dust), Pathogens (Viruses, Germs, Bacteria, Mold Spores & other  Micro-organisms) and Chemicals which are often referred to as VOC’s. 

Standard filters including MERV rated and
HEPA filters are really only effective at
capturing the Particulate component of
indoor air pollution; as most pathogens and
all chemical/gaseous pollutants (VOC's) are
much smaller in size and unfortunately pass
right through these standard filters. 
This means that 2 out of the 3 components
to indoor air pollution are not removed from
the air and go untreated.

Air Pollution 3 Components.png

Passive / Reactive Air Purification
Proactive Air Purification 

Passive / Reactive Air Purification:

Most people are familiar with passive / reactive air purification, as it is what most HVAC and air purifiers use.  This method requires air to pass through a filter in order for it to be cleaned, which unfortunately has two prominent downfalls. 

Problem 1:  In many cases a substantial portion of pollutants in the air are never removed as they are never drawn through the filtration system or filter. 


Problem 2:  Many pollutants, especially pathogens and chemicals/gases (VOC’s) are much smaller in size then what many filters including HEPA filters can capture.  As a result, they pass through filters and   unfortunately are not removed from the air.

Pic - Standard MERV Filter Cannot Stop Pathogens and VOC.png

Standard MERV and many HEPA filters cannot stop or trap VOC's or most Pathogens as they are too small and pass right through these filters.

Proactive Air Purification used by Advanced Air's IDES and BiPolar Ionizer Systems:

The Advanced Air In-Duct Environmental System or “IDES” and BiPolar Ionizers use a proactive air purification approach to clean indoor air in any sized space; using either Advanced Air Technology to create advanced purifying super oxides or needlepoint bipolar ionization to create hundreds of millions of positive and negative ions.


These highly reactive super oxides

or ions are sent out through the

air stream in the home or buildings

HVAC system where they seek

and attack airborne pollutants

such as pathogens (viruses,

germs, bacteria, mold spores,

microorganisms) as well as

harmful chemicals and gases

known as VOC’s. 


This proactive air purification

method means pollutants are

removed precisely where they

arise.  Instead of waiting until

pollutants are drawn back through

the HVAC system to pass through a

filter which can take hours, days

and in some cases, they are never

drawn back through a filter before

we breathe them in. The advanced

purifying super oxidizers emitted by

the Advanced Air IDES or Ions

emitted by our BiPolar Ionizers are

dispersed throughout a building and

become present in the ambient air where they remove pollutants as they enter the air.  This means the air itself helps purify and protects against pollutants.

Super Oxides or Ions created by Advanced Air's products use a home or buildings existing mechanical system to be delivered and disbursed into each room.  Once in the air, they proactively work to reduce indoor air pollutants as they arise.

Pic - IDES and BiPolar HVAC Disbursment.png
Advanced Air Logo - BLUE PRINT.png

Our products use this Proactive Air Purification method to actively treat indoor air and either inactivate or decompose the pollutants filters alone cannot remove.

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Virus Killed.png


Chemical Destroyed.png


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