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  • What contributes to poor indoor air quality?
    Today’s homes often are built energy efficient to “hold” air inside – avoiding heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Of course, what’s better for your energy bills isn’t necessarily better for indoor air quality. This type of “tight” construction often doesn’t allow the home to breathe. Pollutants become trapped within a home or workplace which in the past, or in a non-energy efficient home, would have been released outside the home by natural means.
  • Why is HEPA better than electrostatic cells?
    HEPA filters are the only filters on the market proven to not have adverse side effects to a person’s health. Many electronic air cleaners which use electrostatic cells can emit ozone into the air which has been proven to be harmful to a person’s health.
  • Why is a portable air purifier better than a system that attaches to furnaces or a central air unit?
    There are a couple reasons as to why a portable air purifier is a better choice than a system attached to a furnace or duct work in your home. 1. Air is cleaned best at lower velocities. In order for furnaces and central air units to heat and cool our homes, they must move large volumes of air at higher velocities. It is due to this fact that the faster the air is moving through any type of air purifier the air cleaning efficiency diminishes substantially. Most furnaces and central air systems in homes today move air at a rate of between 1200cfm and 2500cfm (Cubic Feet per Minute) depending on the size of the system. This is approximately 10 times faster than most air purifiers on the market move the air, resulting in larger volumes of air being recirculated but being cleaned at a lower efficiency than systems which move the air at a lower velocity. (As an example, air purifiers that attach to furnaces or central air units effectiveness at cleaning the air would be similar to driving a dirty car through a car wash at 30km/hr. This would be much too quick to properly clean the car to it’s full potential. However if you reduced the speed in which the car passes through the car wash by 10 times (3km/hr), then the result is a much cleaner car in the end.) 2. After air passes through the filtration system attached to the furnace or central air system, it then travels through 50 – 100ft of dusty / dirty duct work before being released into the air you breathe. The end product you breathe is unfortunately no longer clean air by the time it reaches you.
  • How much electricity will the Zephyr consume?
    In keeping with our low running cost principles the Zephyr will run approximately the same as a digital alarm clock on low and a 85 watt light bulb on high.
  • Will Zephyr alter the temperature in my home?
    No the Zephyr has no heating or cooling components. Sitting directly in front or behind the unit is not recommended as you may feel a draft which is produced by the fan drawing air through the system in order to clean the air.
  • Where is the best place for the Zephyr in my home?
    You should set up the Zephyr in a centralized location in your home with the back of the unit about 10cm from a wall. You can also move the Zephyr for more targeted cleaning of contaminated areas in the home when needed.
  • When should I run my Zephyr?
    You should run your Zephyr all the time.
  • Which speed should I run my Zephyr most of the time?
    The lowest speed is the most efficient, the quietest and uses the least amount of electricity and therefore is your best bet for 24/7 use. Use the other speeds for quicker cleanings when needed.
  • How can a portable unit clean the air in such a large space?
    The Zephyr simply acts on and redirects currents that already exist in your home. The same currents that bring the smell of breakfast cooking all the way to your bedroom will carry all of your airborne pollutants to the Zephyr.
  • Is the Zephyr for residential use only?
    Absolutely not. Anywhere people breathe, they can benefit from cleaner air.
  • Will my Zephyr add or remove humidity or moisture from my home?
    There are no components in the Zephyr to alter the humidity levels in your home; and therefore will NOT add to or reduce humidity levels in the home.
  • Why is the Zephyr not sold in stores?
    The only way to really see if an air cleaner works is to run it in familiar environment. The difference it makes is noticeable immediately. As well most retail sales people are responsible for so many products with so many different purposes it is impossible for them to be experts in any one area. Our representatives expertise is in customer satisfaction, air quality and air cleaners.
  • Who should have a Zephyr?
    Everyone can benefit from having a Zephyr, from infants to seniors. The Zephyr can not only help reduce indoor pollutants that may cause respiratory problems, but can also provide more comfortable living for those are already suffering.
  • Does it work as well with the windows open?
    Of course, open windows will actually help to increase the air currents. The Zephyr will also help to circulate the air that’s coming in from open windows. Even though open windows will allow some pollution in, the increased currents should keep the Zephyr working just fine.
  • I hate to dust. Will an air purifier allow me to never dust again in my home?
    If they did, we’d have one in every room of our home. But seriously, air purifiers are not an end-all-be-all product. They assist in pulling dust particles out of the air and will lessen the amount of dust that accumulates in a room, but will never completely eliminate it.
  • I have a mold problem in my house behind one of my walls, will the Zephyr work to remove the mold issue?"
    No. We need to be clear on that point. Air purifiers can help to prevent a mold problem from starting and spreading in a home by filtering mold spores which become airborne, but they cannot remove a pre-existing mold problem. Mold can be a very dangerous concern in a home and should be dealt with by a professional abatement company for the mold problem first. Once the mold has been professionally removed, placing an air purifier in the cleaned area of a home will help the problem from reoccurring.
  • Will the Zephyr cure my asthma or allergies?
    No. They are there to assist and lessen the effects airborne pollutants have on a human body, but not to cure them. Cleaning the air of these airborne pollutants and irritants will give many allergy and asthma sufferers much needed relief from the symptoms associated with their ailment but it will not cure their condition.
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