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Using Science Inspired by Nature. 

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  • In Duct Environmental Systems

  • Bi Polar Ionization 

  • Portable H13/H14 HEPA Air Purifiers

  • Vehicle BiPolar Ionization


Air Purification Products Since 2009
Residential . Commercial . Industrial . Schools . Government . Healthcare . Vehicles & Transportation

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Proactive Air Purification

Advanced Air's IDES and BiPolar Ionizers use Proactive air purification which inactivates airborne pathogens, decomposes harmful VOC's, Chemicals and gases as well as help reduce particulates without ever having to pass through a filter. 

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How it Works

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Kills Pathogens

Pathogens such as Viruses, Germs, Bacteria and Mold Spores are inactivated  using any of Advanced Air's products.


In Duct Environmental System
How it Works

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Destroys & Decomposes VOC's

Harmful airborne chemicals known as VOC's are destroyed and decomposed by all Advanced Air products.


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Why Choose Advanced Air Products?

Both the Advanced Air IDES and In-Duct BiPolar Ionization Systems are easily installed into any existing HVAC system and use proactive air purification technology to reduce airborne pollutants from indoor air.  Indoor air pollution can be broken down into 3 components: Particulates (Dust), Pathogens (Viruses, Germs, Bacteria, Mold Spores & other Microorganisms) and Chemicals which are often referred to as VOC’s. 

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Standard filters including MERV rated and HEPA filters are really only effective at capturing the Particulate component of indoor air pollution; as most pathogens and all chemical/gaseous pollutants (VOC's) are much smaller in size and unfortunately pass right through these standard filters. This means that 2 out of the 3 components to indoor air pollution are not removed from the air and go untreated.

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Our products use Proactive Air Purification methods to actively treat indoor air and either inactivate or decompose the pollutants filters cannot remove.


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