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90 DAY

Within 90 days of your original date of purchase, if you find a comparable air purifier sold by a local retailer at a cheaper price; we will match that price. All of the following criteria must apply:

The competitor air purifier being price matched must be directly comparable to the Zephyr air purifier purchased, and meet or exceed all of the following:

  • A minimum of a 15 year manufacturer warranty on the full product. Additional warranties offered by retailers do not qualify. Warranties must be 15 or more years on the entire product, not just select parts which are warrantied (ie. 5 year warranty on motor and 15 years on the remote would not qualify as a 15 year warranty).

  • A minimum of 7 different stages of air filtration technologies like the Zephyr.

  • Be sold locally by an authorized product retailer, in stock and brand new. Products out of stock, discontinued, refurbished, damaged, resale/third party and products being sold at auctions, online bid sites, going out of business or liquidation sales do not qualify for price matching. Rebate offers, sales tax promotions, tax free events, BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) sales and any advertising errors or misprints on products also do not qualify. Products which require the
    purchase of more than 1 item to obtain the cheaper price do not qualify; price matching is done based on 1 to 1 item pricing.

  • Competitor must have a local store and warranty repair centre within the state of Arizona.

  • The air purifier being compared must be of equal or greater physical size than the Zephyr air purifier being compared.

  • Price Match Guarantees will be made between a Zephyr and a competitor product only. No Price Match Guarantee is offered between Zephyr products.

  • Customer must provide conclusive proof of price and all of the above comparisons must meet or exceed that of the Zephyr air purifier purchased. Any price match will be conducted in United States Currency; currency conversions will not be accounted for in determining a price match.

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